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Westinghouse Launches New Catalogs, Website Features


PHILADELPHIA—Westinghouse Lighting introduces two new catalogs that showcase their expansive U.S. stocking program. In addition to the product assortment Westinghouse consistently offers, they are introducing dozens of new products.

The Lamp Catalog features a comprehensive product line, highlighted by a multitude of new lamps in the LED, Halogen and specialty lamp categories. The catalog format has been updated to include the specifications required by EISA labeling.

The Lighting Catalog combines ceiling fans, light fixtures and accessories into a single comprehensive catalog making it easy to coordinate product finishes and accessories. This catalog’s new product selection includes a patent-pending cathedral canopy.

“At Westinghouse Lighting, we are known for offering our customers quality products and the support tools needed to help grow their businesses,” says Ray Angelo, president and CEO of Westinghouse Lighting. “Our commitment to providing lighting solutions is evident in the development of new products and enhanced selling tools.”

The www.westinghouselighting.com enhancements include improved search and navigation features, plus additional product specifications.