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Westin Debuts New Nature-Inspired Public Space Concept at Gaslamp Quarter Hotel


STAMFORD, CONN.—Westin Hotels & Resorts announced that it is applying its design-driven approach to its new public space design. Designed with guests’ well-being in mind, the new lobby incorporates natural design elements, flexible and functional zoning and conveniently-located retail and grab and go areas. Westin’s new public space concept is currently on display at Westin Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego and will continue to roll out at participating properties worldwide throughout 2013. Five additional hotels are slated to feature the new concept this year including Westin Indianapolis, Westin Boston Waterfront, Westin Birmingham, Westin Georgetown and Westin Bethesda.

The Vertical Garden is a unique focal element of the new Westin lobby concept and was designed not only to improve indoor air quality, but also to create a calming, more natural environment. Although vertical gardens exist in other boutique hotel properties, Westin is the first global brand to incorporate these structures in the lobby space throughout its global portfolio. The brand’s in-house design team, led by Erin Hoover, vice president of Design, was inspired by research conducted by NASA scientists who discovered that growing plants indoors relieves stress while also helping to clean the air.

The design team was also motivated by multiple studies of biophilia which indicate that the integration of nature into design results in a range of health benefits, including lower blood pressure, enhanced mental stamina and elevated moods. As the first international hotel brand to go smoke free in 2006, Westin decided to partner with Ambius, the interior landscaping provider, to create these “living walls” that function operationally in the hospitality environment and further the brand’s commitment to ensuring that guests leave feeling better than when they arrived.

Vertical Garden Custom Designed

Ranging from 100 to 300 square feet, each Vertical Garden is custom-designed and integrates wall-mounted plant modules with infill panels of unique textured materials inspired by the interior architecture and the location’s regional identity. Experts from Ambius work with Westin’s Brand Design Team and the individual properties to determine which plants are best suited for their lobby space, depending on the amount of natural and artificial light, as well as the location’s natural climate. These range from low- and mid-light plants including Variegated Philodendron, Golden Pothos and Dallas Ferns, to high-light plants such as English Ivy and the Purple Waffle Plant, all selected by the design team for their detoxifying, high-oxygen producing properties that improve overall air quality. Some of the systems are also designed with a UV filter, allowing for the use of grey water and therefore providing an even further positive impact to the environment over the life span of the Vertical Garden.

Upon arrival in the new lobbies, guests are greeted at the new Westin check-in pods. These freestanding structures replace the outdated hotel check-in desk and are ergonomically designed with work surfaces at optimum heights and a more spacious, personal guest interaction area. Westin’s signature white tea scent, combined with custom music, calming tonal colors and soft, atmospheric lighting creates a fresh and soothing ambiance. A new back-lit feature wall, on display behind the check-in pods, was created by transferring one of Westin’s 28 X-ray nature images onto a solid core material, creating soft visual texture and subtle movement. This new relaxing arrival zone allows travelers to let go of their stress and enter an inviting, uplifting space that helps them stay balanced and refreshed.

Conveniently located in the Westin lobby adjacent to the new seating zones, the Westin Grab & Go Café and the signature Westin retail store make it easy for guests to grab a quick bite or finish up their last-minute shopping. The Westin Grab & Go Café will vary at each property, ranging from an enclosed café space with a sky light and a central communal table to a transitional café/bar experience that adjusts to a lively, engaging lobby bar experience in the evening. Taking a page from its sister brand W Hotels & Resorts, credited for innovating the hotel retail experience, Westin will also debut a signature retail store, offering a curated selection of Westin innovations, including Heavenly bedding, bath products and white tea scented products for the home.

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