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UniMac Introduces Redesigned Hardmount Washer-Extractors


RIPON, WIS.—UniMac, a manufacturer of on-premises laundry equipment, announces the launch of its redesigned UC Series hardmount washer-extractors. The washer-extractor series offers supreme efficiency, helping on-premises laundries reduce operating costs and increase throughput.

Using newly developed, advanced technology, the UC Series now uses 33 percent less electricity than two-speed models and 11 percent less water on average than previous models. The utility reductions are due to UniMac’s proprietary advanced inverter drive technology and minimized sump design that optimizes the cylinder water, which also maximizes cleaning results. The machines achieve an extraction speed of up to 200 G-Force, which removes more water to help reduce dry times and lower energy bills.  

Water Guardian, a patented leak detection system, is standard on all machines. The system alerts managers of leaks in the fill and drain valves.

Programmable Water Levels

The machines come with the simple, easy-to-use M-series control, which features customizable programs, including programmable water levels designed to reduce utility costs. Managers can benefit from advanced diagnostic capabilities, and the ability to program the control manually using a PDA or laptop.

“UniMac is consistently looking for ways to improve our products, and these redesigned washer-extractors have taken a great product and made it even better,” said Bill Brooks, national sales manager, UniMac. “We understand that on-premises managers are concerned about utility consumption and increasing throughput, so we built these washer-extractors to improve on these key efficiencies.”

UniMac’s washer-extractors feature seals and bearings manufactured with corrosion resistance, which keeps the machines running longer. To add to the reliability and durability of this product, the machine offers seven times the water protection along with premium heat and wear protection. The foundation of the machine has also been improved to feature a computer-optimized frame that is stronger than ever before and allows the machine to operate quietly.

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