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SWITCH CEO Introduces New LQD Cooling System


LAS VEGAS—Tracy Bilbrough, CEO of SWITCH Lighting, the provider of a full family of LED replacements to the incandescent A-Lamp, revealed for the first time key details behind the company’s core technology to a group of industry insiders during a speech at the LED Show. Bilbrough also introduced SWITCH’s new LQD Cooling System.

“We’re proud to reveal the patented technology behind the LQD Cooling System,” Bilbrough said. “We have brought our liquid silicone coolant and patented driver together under one technology to deliver the best thermal management solution on the market. We can’t think of a better place to show exactly how it works than here at the LED Show.”

SWITCH’s advanced LQD Cooling System incorporates the company’s two proprietary components—a unique coolant made of liquid silicone and a highly efficient and reliable driver—under one technology. Liquid silicone is commonly used across many industries for its superior thermal management qualities. It is an ingredient in certain food and cosmetic products, and is also used for cooling large machinery and power plant equipment. A completely safe, food-grade product, liquid silicone is electrically non-conductive, non-toxic, non-staining, and does not degrade LEDs.

The system works in sync to cool the LEDs and internal electrical components, using the bulb’s entire surface to disperse heat. As a result, SWITCH LED A-Lamps offer superior thermal management, with up to 40 percent better performance than air-cooled LED lamps. SWITCH lamps can be used in any fixture, even fully enclosed or recessed, and in any orientation without compromising light output or life.

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