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Cooking, cooling, washing and drying all consume large amounts of energy and water. By simply using Energy Star-qualified equipment, a hotel operator can sharply reduce resource consumption. Got news or a story idea to share? Contact Glenn Hasek, editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at: editor@greenlodgingnews.com.

Kitchen & Laundry

Home Kitchen & Laundry
Cooking, cooling, washing and drying all consume large amounts of energy and water. By simply using Energy Star-qualified equipment, a hotel operator can sharply reduce resource consumption. Got news or a story idea to share? Contact Glenn Hasek, editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at: editor@greenlodgingnews.com.


RieNu by Riegel Table Linens Made from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles Riegel has been providing Worry-Free Textiles since 1838. While some would not expect a 178-year-old textile company to be ripe with Innovation, Riegel certainly breaks the mold. Case in point is RieNu. We have always been environmentally conscious in our manufacturing, but we’ve taken it a step further with a table linen product made from recycled plastic water bottles. The process includes collecting bottles to sanitizing to chipping to melting to extruding fiber then weaving and dyeing the final product—RieNu by Riegel. Call (800) 845-2232. RieNu by Riegel » Email for Details...


Project Planet Save the Planet One Laundry Load at a Time SAVE up to tens of thousands of dollars per year while demonstrating your environmental commitment to guests! Project Planet’s variety of creative & colorful pillow cards, hangers and conservation items promote towel and linen reuse. Promotional materials available in a variety of nature and regional designs. Let Project Planet show you how to reduce water, energy, labor and chemical costs. Project Planet » Email for Details »

Centerplate Hosts ‘Zero Waste Lunch’ in Dumpster

NEW ORLEANS—Centerplate, the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center’s exclusive food and beverage provider, hosted a “Zero Waste Lunch” at the 2017 WasteExpo convention on May 10. Chef Brandon Felder, Executive Chef, and his team served industry attendees a menu of Beet Salad, Abita Amber BBQ Shrimp, and Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, made with parts of food that would otherwise be discarded. The lunch was created in partnership with the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Centerplate, GES, Salvage Supperclub, The Green Project and The Composting Network. The event took place inside a rented dumpster equipped with salvaged...


AquaRecycle Take a Big Bite Out of Laundry Water & Sewer Costs! AquaRecycle manufactures systems that recycle 100 percent of laundry wastewater. That water is then reused within the laundry. AquaRecycle’s proven technology provides customers with 80 percent water and sewer savings and 50 percent energy savings. Our “Green Technology” can qualify your facility for LEED points. Payback of two years or less! Call (866) 272-9253. AquaRecycle » Email for Details »


Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems Lower Water Consumption by Up to 30 Percent and Use 25 Percent Less Gas! Save a fortune on water with Automatic Water Savings (AWS)—as much as 30 percent on small wash loads! Combine with Electrolux dryers and ironers for the maximum benefit. Electrolux dryers dry 12 percent faster and use 25 percent less gas than leading competitors. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards ensures Electrolux Professional’s long-term commitment to quality and the environment. Go green with Electrolux, the #1 selling on-premise laundry brand in the world. Call (800) 645-2205 or e-mail kshady@laundrylux.com today. Electrolux...


AWOIS The Most Reliable & Technologically Advanced Ozone System in the Market The Aquawing Ozone Laundry System is the most reliable and technologically advanced ozone system in the market. With more than 6,000 installations worldwide using Aquawing patented technology, Aquawing delivers the quickest ROI by using primarily cold water, eliminating excess flushes and rinses, reducing drying time and extending linen life. Furthermore, the Aquawing system is the only ozone system with clinical validation to kill over 99.999% of Viruses and Superbugs including MRSA, C. diff, E.coli, Aspergillus niger and many more. The system activates wash chemistry better than hot water, extends...

Bring Your Laundry Room into a Digital World with New Technology

How is your hotel’s laundry running? I love asking this question. There’s no grey area on the answer. It’s either “not so great,” which means something is leaking and the technician has been here a scary long time. Or, “pretty good,” which means nothing is leaking. My response for the latter is “how do you know?” As anybody in the lodging industry knows, being green isn’t a plug-and-play endeavor. It is a constant evolution. Why then is the laundry different? Why is it we buy a high G-force washer-extractor and a moisture-sensing tumble dryer and call our laundry “greened up?” One...

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Expands its Bee Program with Spring Craft Beer Launch

SAN DIEGO—Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina has teamed up with famed San Diego craft brewery Mother Earth to create a one-time brew, Rooftop IPA. The award-winning Marina Kitchen team has collaborated with Mother Earth’s Head Brewer, Chris Baker, to create the special springtime beer, featuring refreshing citrus flavors and raw, organic honey sourced from Marriott’s very own rooftop hives. Handcrafted and kegged at their Vista, Calif. location, the limited-edition beer, best described as a honey citrus IPA, is brewed with Warrior, El Dorado and Simcoe hops. Inspired by springtime with a light and crisp finish, the beer debuts just...

Ozone Water Technologies Earns Corporate Vision Award

STAFFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND—Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded Ozone Water Technologies “Best Sustainable Laundries Company 2017” & “Most Green Energy Reduction Product: LaundrOzone” as part of its 2017 Technology Innovator Awards. Now celebrating its third year, the Technology Innovator Awards return in 2017 to showcase talented individuals, teams and firms. Ozone Water Technologies was born from many years of laundry operations experience by its founder, Jim Gross, who managed his family laundry for 17 years, operated all Marriott laundries for three years, and operated his own laundry consulting business for many years. As a consultant, he reviewed ozone washing possibilities and decided...


GreenEarth Cleaning Every Day is Earth Day at GreenEarth Whether you provide dry cleaning services on your premises or through an outside vendor, your upscale customers will appreciate knowing you use the GreenEarth Cleaning process. Because it is the most sustainable method for dry cleaning, many upscale properties demand the GreenEarth Cleaning process so that they can take a bow for offering both a sustainable solution and the finest in dry cleaning quality. For complete information, contact Tim Maxwell at tmaxwell@greenearthcleaning.com. Call (877) 926-0895. GreenEarth Cleaning » Email for Details »