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Hertz Launches Carbon Offset Program for Corporate Sales Customers


ESTERO, FLA.—Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, The Hertz Corp., has launched a new carbon offset program that provides corporate customers worldwide with the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprints associated with their vehicle rentals through the purchase of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets support emission reduction projects, which benefit the environment, in communities around the world.

Hertz has partnered with TerraPass, a leading carbon offset provider, to administer the program. The partnership allows Hertz to provide timely and accurate carbon emission reporting to customers. The report feeds directly into a personalized platform, which allows corporate customers to then purchase carbon offsets, if desired, to neutralize their environmental impact.

“At Hertz, we recognize our obligation to help ensure the long-term health of our planet,” said Bob Stuart, Executive Vice President Global Sales. “We’re proud to implement this program, which complements our ongoing efforts to reduce our impact through numerous corporate responsibility initiatives.”

Definition of an Offset

A carbon offset is an environmental attribute representing the reduction of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, the principal cause of climate change. Every metric ton (2,204.62 lbs.) of offsets purchased reduces one metric ton of carbon emissions. Carbon offsets support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including landfill gas capture, clean energy and forest management projects.

TerraPass, a subsidiary of Just Energy, North America’s largest reseller of green energy, invests only in projects which are 100 percent third party verified. A list of Hertz-supported projects can be found here. Hertz anticipates beginning to offer leisure customers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets later this year.

“Hertz is paving the way with this innovative program, offering customized solutions for its customers,” said Brian Armentrout, Director of TerraPass. “These efforts speak volumes to the corporate responsibility goals of Hertz and its customers. TerraPass is proud to partner with companies like this who recognize such needs. We look forward to launching this newly developed solution from TerraPass to effectively calculate individual carbon footprints.”

As part of Hertz’s commitment to corporate responsibility, nearly 80 percent of the company’s vehicles have a minimum fuel-efficiency rating of 28 highway miles per gallon. Environmental efficiency programs’ efforts resulted in recycling over 2 million gallons of used oil and auto waste in 2015. The Hertz corporate responsibility program also includes mixed recycling at Hertz rental locations, as well as tire recycling, which resulted in nearly 300,000 tires diverted from landfills in 2015. Additionally, the company currently has six LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified locations throughout the United States, including Hertz’s corporate headquarters in Estero, Fla., which received LEED Gold certification. The headquarters’ cafeteria was certified by the Green Restaurant Assn. as a 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant, the first of its kind in Florida and at the time of certification, one of only three 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant corporate cafeterias in the world.