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Green Lodging News Adds Cintas Corp. as Directory Partner


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Hasek Communications, the Cleveland, Ohio-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes Cintas Corp. as a Green Product & Service Directory partner. Cintas recently introduced its first air-conditioning (A/C) coil cleaning service for the hospitality industry. Certified as a “Green Process” by the Green Clean Institute, ChemTron Coil Cleaning by Cintas enables hoteliers to lower their energy bills, extend the life of A/C units and improve indoor air quality. Users of the PTAC cleaning service increase air flow by up to 28 percent and reduce energy consumption up to 17 percent.

ChemTron Coil Cleaning by Cintas goes above and beyond cleaning basics to include sanitation and mold prevention techniques. The service includes thorough coil cleaning, pan cleaning—including the insertion of an EPA-registered, non-chlorinated strip to fight bacteria regrowth and keep drain lines clear—drain line treatment, disinfection and recontamination treatment. In addition, the service eliminates the need to remove the A/C unit from the room for cleaning, minimizing down time and lost revenue.

To learn more, click here, e-mail leahym@cintas.com, or call (800) 864-3676.