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GOJO Introduces New LTX Touch-Free Soap Dispenser


AKRON, OH—GOJO Industries, Inc. has introduced its new GOJO LTX touch-free soap dispenser. LTX is a dispensing system designed using life cycle assessment principles. The LTX Dispensing System for GOJO soap and next-generation PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer is engineered to be a reliable and easy-to-service touch-free soap dispenser while offering sustainable design and operation.

Life Cycle Assessment calculates and tracks the environmental impact of a product throughout its life. The decisions GOJO made when designing the LTX touch-free soap dispenser led to a reduction in life cycle impacts, including reduced smog emissions by 62 percent, global warming gases by 0.9 percent and energy consumption by 14 percent when compared to previous generation touch-free GOJO dispensing systems.

“These numbers illustrate what our sustainable practices and solutions can mean to the world,” said Life Cycle Assessment specialist Tom Marting. “If one-third of U.S. schools placed the LTX touch free soap dispenser, the resulting energy savings would offset emissions of more than 21,500 cars driving from New York City to Los Angeles.”

Extra Long Battery Life

Global Sustainability marketing director Nicole Koharik said the LTX touch-free soap dispenser uses a patent-pending technology to optimize energy efficiency, which eliminates the need to change the batteries for the life of the dispenser in most instances. “The pre-installed batteries and the rest of the LTX system carry the GOJO Lifetime Performance Guarantee,” she said.

LTX is designed for easy maintenance with a large site window, skylight and clear refill bottles with vivid soap colors that enable at-a-glance checking of refill status.

The LTX touch free soap dispenser system is available in the high-capacity LTX-12 (1250 ml) and the small-footprint LTX-7 (700 ml) for compact spaces. The formulation portfolio includes EcoLogo certified spa-inspired GOJO Foam Soaps and next generation PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer. The products are available in GOJO SANITARY SEALED refills made with GOJO SMART-FLEX technology including recyclable PET using 30 percent less material than HDPE bottles. The refills are sustainably designed with removable pumps to facilitate recycling.

Life Cycle Assessment for the LTX touch-free soap dispenser was conducted by EcoForm, a leading third-party environmental consulting firm.

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