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Delta Whistler Village Suites Benefiting from Energex System


VANCOUVER, B.C.—The Energex energy management system is delivering significant savings to Delta Whistler Village Suites, Energex reports, solving the problem of heating and cooling systems running at full blast while guests are out of their rooms. Between March 2011 and March 2012 the system led to a decrease of 18 percent in natural gas usage for heating and cooling.

The 391 rooms at the resort were retrofitted with the Energex system in February 2011. A sensor was installed in each room that switches the heating/cooling system into conservation mode when the room is unoccupied, saving thousands of dollars in wasted energy.

When occupants return to the room the sensors quickly switch the heating/cooling system back to the pre-set temperature. With only slight temperature changes there is no loss of guest comfort but there is a big decrease in energy used.

For the Delta Whistler, the return on investment is expected to be less than two years taking into account the rebate offered by BC Hydro.

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