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Clean the World Launches RocketHub Campaign


ORLANDO, FLA.—The not-for-profit Clean the World Foundation has launched a RocketHub campaign in hopes of raising urgently needed funds to further automate their operation and dramatically increase output of recycled soap going to families across the United States and the globe. They do this to combat the daily deaths of 9,000 children worldwide from hygienic-related diseases. In addition, for each dollar donated, a Clean the World hygiene kit will be delivered to victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

Clean the World has reached 14 percent of its campaign goal of $54,000 on RocketHub, an online “crowdfunding” site designed to inspire large numbers of everyday people to donate to or “fuel” money to help finance the dreams of emerging and innovative philanthropists, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. The foundation has a tiered rewards system for people who give, and the user-friendly donation process allows “fuelers” to do so online in less than five minutes by visiting www.cleantheworld.org/fuel.

Clean the World has until November 24 to raise the money that will allow the purchase of four new processing machines to meet demand prior to the holidays. “The new equipment we hope to buy will allow us to immediately process and distribute two million more bars of soap by this Christmas,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO of Clean the World, which collects and recycles partially used soap from hotels to produce the bars it donates to organizations that provide aid to impoverished people around the world.

The campaign will also allow Clean the World to provide hygiene kits to those affected by Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey. “For every dollar donated to Clean the World directly or through the RocketHub campaign, we are sending a hygiene kit to our partner relief organizations already on the ground in the Northeast for distribution,” Seipler says. “The kits consist of soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion to meet the basic hygiene needs of families in need after the devastating storm. Our volunteers have already prepared 3,000 hygiene kits. Donations will support the delivery of those kits, and the assembly and delivery of 10,000 more in the coming days.”

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