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Sansin Introduces Zero VOC Interior Penetrating Wood Stain


KNOXVILLE, TENN.—Sansin Corp. released its new Purity Interior Zero VOC Penetrating Stain (0-VOC), a water-based interior wood stain with a base free from any harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that penetrates both soft and hard woods with consistent, uniform coverage.

Sansin has been a leader in researching and developing environmentally friendly interior and exterior wood stains for a quarter century. The Sansin Purity Interior Zero VOC Stain is available at participating dealers or can be shipped direct from a nearby dealer location.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identified VOCs as a source of unhealthy indoor air with health risks, and some states, such as California, are adopting statewide green building codes requiring low-pollutant paints.

Performance Not Compromised

“Our new Purity Interior Stain product line shows that you don’t have to compromise performance in a zero base VOC stain,” said Sjoerd Bos, vice president of Sansin Corp. “We are proud to offer consumers and dealers a penetrating wood stain that delivers the beauty, clarity and long lasting protection that discriminating homeowners, architects and builders expect, but without the toxic indoor fumes.”

With Purity Interior Zero VOC stain, customers can apply the stain directly to any wood without purchasing and applying wood conditioners, requiring less stain to deliver vibrant and even wood saturation with little to no odor and zero VOCs.

Sansin’s unique non-filming, ‘water-borne’ alkyd formulas combine the benefits of both oil and water-based coatings, using water as the vehicle to get oil penetration deep into the wood, leading to long-lasting durability and easier maintenance. Traditional film-build coatings don’t truly penetrate and can crack or peel. With a range of more than 80 colors, Sansin offers stains that naturally protect wood.

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