Craftsman B&B Partners with to Go CarbonFree


PACIFIC CITY, ORE.—The Craftsman Bed and Breakfast announced that it is offsetting its carbon emissions with, a leading nonprofit carbon offset organization. By joining’s CarbonFree Partner program, The Craftsman B&B has joined a national movement of businesses and organizations that are leading the fight against global warming.’s CarbonFree Partner program supports renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects in the United States and abroad to reduce CO2 pollution and help hasten the transition to a clean energy future.

At The Craftsman B&B, the owners are committed to greener business practices and encourage guests to experience its green ideas. One of the ideas to promote green and CarbonFree business is to discount rates for guests who use public transportation, bike, or drive an alternative fueled vehicle to the B&B.

New Life for Old Home

“We are proud to have found this house and rescued it from possible demolition,” said Mike Rech, owner of The Craftsman B&B. “We had the vision to restore one of Pacific City’s oldest buildings. With our loving restoration, we were able to breathe new life in this family home. We took care, respecting what was here and returned the style that had been removed. Our plan was to do it with the smallest impact possible. This didn’t come without some challenges during the restoration and challenges we face today to become greener and have a smaller impact on our planet.”

“We applaud The Craftsman B&B’s initiative in helping the fight on global warming and hastening the change to a clean energy future by becoming a CarbonFree Partner,” says president Eric Carlson. “The Craftsman B&B is supporting’s verified carbon offsetting projects that are helping to reduce or sequester emissions of greenhouse gases.”

One challenge the Pacific City bed & breakfast faces today is that living in a remote area increases driving to get the basic supplies for the business. They are too small for food companies to deliver to them, so they must go shopping for food weekly, always combining errands to one shopping day. Mike rarely gets in a car, but when he does, his car is carbon neutral. VW of America and are planting the VW Forest. They are offsetting carbon emissions by funding the reforestation of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. The Craftsman B&B is also working on its guests’ ability to purchase “green tags” to offset their stay at the B&B.

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