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Wet-Tech Partners with 03 Wash Pty Limited


MIRANDA, NSW, AUSTRALIA—03 Wash Pty Limited has partnered with WET-Tech USA to bring the EnviroSaver II ozone laundry system to the Australasian and Asia Pacific region.

The 03 Wash/Wet-Tech ozone systems provide the opportunity to conserve natural resources while providing production savings in the laundry process. The 03 Wash/Wet-Tech laundry systems (including Tunnel and Batch washers) are sized for the small and large laundry with machine capacity in the range of 25 through 455 kilograms as well as complete system design for larger laundry facilities with multi-sized washers producing high volumes of laundry.

Ozone delivery is through individual ozone generator cells and transformers, which are controlled from an input signal from the washing machine programmer. The correct amount of ozone is delivered directly and continuously into each washing machine for each wash program through a sintered stainless steel or ceramic diffuser system installed into the individual washing machine. The generator construction consists of silver electrodes embedded in borosilicate glass dielectric generators to generate ozone for cleaner, softer, odor-free laundry. The 03 Wash/Wet-Tech systems will wash all soil classifications with little if any rewash volume.

Following the introduction of the 03 Wash/Wet-Tech laundry systems in Australia, the ozone system was recognized with the following honors:

1. NSW Government, Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW), Commended Award, Best Practice, Innovation into Industry.

2. Finalist. The National Endeavour Awards, “Environmental Solutions of the Year.” The other three finalists: Toyota Motor Corp. of Australia, Siemens and Johnson Diversey.

3. NSW, Government, Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability, (DEUS), Highly Commended, for Green Globe Awards 2005, Best Practice Award, Energy and Water Efficiency Excellence.

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