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WAYAM Mundo Imperial Highlights Eco-Hospitality as First LEED-Certified Hotel in Mérida


MERIDA, MEXICO—Earth Day is every day at WAYAM Mundo Imperial, where every inch of the hotel is carefully designed to offer guests the perfect balance of wellness and tranquility. As the first LEED-certified property in historic Mérida, WAYAM welcomes guests to coexist with nature and celebrate the lush landscape of its historic backdrop.

From aromatherapy in common areas to a water tasting menu offering guests select local waters to sample, the amenities at WAYAM complement the hotel’s strategic location and green facilities. In addition to solar paneling, all the windows at WAYAM face east, generating a high solar reflectivity and therefore contributing to thermal insulation.

“Sustainability is more than a trend at WAYAM, it’s a founding principle. By combining state-of-the-art technology with an appreciation for the native landscape of Mérida, we aim to instill a respect for nature and a feeling of serenity in our guests,” said Mauricio Ramirez, Commercial & Marketing Director at Mundo Imperial Entertainment & Hospitality.

WAYAM features various hydraulic systems and specialized water treatment procedures, including a rainwater harvesting system which collects and filters natural precipitation for the use of toilets and irrigation, in addition to an electromagnetic system that reduces the hardness of water without using chemical agents. The hotel’s main building has a layout that preserves the endemic vegetation to maintain green spaces that bring guests closer to nature.

WAYAM Mundo Imperial blends indoor and outdoor spaces to envelop guests in an eco-experience through every facet of their stay. With design according to the Golden Ratio, the resort features a central, five-story-tall mango tree and 10 sculptures by renowned Mexican artist Carlos Marin. Additional amenities include dog-friendly accommodations, aromatherapy, and wellness experiences.