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Vaska Inc. Launches Line of Laundry, Housekeeping Products


BERKELEY, CALIF.—Vaska Inc. has introduced a line of botanical laundry and housekeeping products for institutional and hospitality use. Vaska has been rigorously testing its new formulas at a fully operating commercial laundry facility with both heavy and light soils—with excellent results, surprising the non-green skeptics. Vaska’s cleaning equals top-tier non-green laundry formulas, without toxic repercussions to either personal safety or the environment.

Founder Julia Fry’s background in fashion and textile design led to her passion for laundry products that didn’t compromise fabrics or cleaning action.

“I grew up backpacking with my aunt and uncle who were forest rangers in Colorado, back when you could drink from mountain streams and lakes,” Fry says. “It made a huge impact on me during my teens when we had to stop doing that—realizing how quickly our water supply is ruined for everyone’s use. I always thought there must be a way to get fabrics clean without adding more toxins to the environment.”

A Norway Connection

Vaska means “wash” in Norwegian. Julia hails from Minnesota, which is Nordic country. Vaska knows green cleaning products have to perform as well or better than existing non-green products; their products are made with top quality biodegradable, non-carcinogenic botanical ingredients for enhanced cleaning performance. Vaska partnered with the EPA’s Design For the Environment to ensure product purity.

Vaska has been formulating botanical laundry products for the grocery market for seven years, selling its product line to Whole Foods and other natural groceries. This spring Vaska debuted the commercial product line at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif., an eco-resort that offers organic cotton sheets washed in Vaska, spa treatments, and other-worldly ocean views to its guests. Post Ranch Inn enthusiastically recommends Vaska’s unique botanical product line.

“There’s nothing else like it on the market,” says Don Luckenbach, president of Royal Laundry in South San Francisco, who sits on Vaska’s board of directors, providing laundry expertise and product quality scrutiny.

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