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TradeWinds Restaurants Now Serving Gulf Wild Seafood


ST. PETE BEACH, FLA.—The TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, a beachfront resort located directly on the Gulf of Mexico on St. Pete Beach, is now serving Gulf Wild seafood at two of its restaurants—Palm Court Italian Grill and Bermudas Steak & Seafood—so diners know exactly where their fish originated. The change ensures the fish are responsibly caught and that guests are receiving the freshest possible seafood from sustainability-focused fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.

Guests who order specially-marked Gulf Wild seafood from the menu are presented a tag number which is directly tied to the Gulf Wild TransparenSea system. Diners can visit the myGulfWild.com web site and type in their unique tag number to see the specific fish type, a photo and biographic information on the captain, harvesting vessel’s name and background, documented location where the fish was caught and more. Gulf Wild fish is randomly tested for heavy metals and other contaminants and meets higher standards than the federal government’s so TradeWinds Island Grand diners will know their seafood selection is the freshest and healthiest available.

As a designated Two Palm Florida Green Lodge, the TradeWinds is committed to eco-tourism through a variety of programs, including an extensive recycling program, a linen and towel reuse program, participation in the water CHAMPS program and a partnership with local conservation organization Tampa Bay Watch, among others.

Gulf Wild and the Gulf Wild TransparenSea System is a registered program of the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance, a 501c(6) trade association, which represents the interests of catch share fishermen and associated dealers throughout the Gulf of Mexico who provide consumer access to high-quality, sustainable seafood year-round. For more information, visit myGulfWild.com.