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Three Ways You Can Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle


To lead a more sustainable lifestyle is quickly becoming a pledge on the top of everybody’s bucket list. The year 2020 has been freighting for many reasons, especially due to the alarming facts related to climate change and the environment. This last decade was the hottest on record and these climbing temperatures show no signs of slowing down. Therefore, we must make a conscious decision to protect the environment we live in and lead more sustainable lifestyles. Here are three ways that you can do so.

Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, can come from many sources including sunlight, wind, rain, waves, tides, and even geothermal heat. These clean energy sources are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst governments, businesses, and households.

If you live in a sunny place, it could be a great idea to invest in your own set of solar panels. If this is not an option for you, call your energy provider to inquire about clean electricity. Around 50 percent of customers can choose to purchase renewable energy from their supplier or purchase a “green certificate”. This certificate will allow you to contribute to the renewal of clean energy even if you cannot benefit from it directly.

Plant Based Diet

Environmentalists suggest that one of the easiest ways you can make a great impact on the environment is by cutting down on your meat consumption. Even a small difference such as eating vegan once a week can reduce greenhouse gases by 8.4 percent each year.

The impact of a plant-based diet is not entirely related to eating the animal products themselves but rather the agricultural space needed to feed these animals. PETA warns that in the United States more than a third of all fossil fuels are devoted to animal agriculture. If you do choose to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, make sure your veggie choices are sustainable too. For example, an ethical soybean production will be much less harmful to the environment.

Cut Down on Carbon Emissions

There are many lifestyle choices that you can make to cut down on your carbon emissions. For example, you could choose to invest in a hybrid or electric car. Other options include cycling, walking to work and even carpooling. If you are going on vacation to a relatively close destination, why not opt for the train rather than a plane?

When shopping, make sure you only purchase items that you really need and avoid fast fashion at all costs. Try to shop vintage or second-hand where possible and bring your own reusable bags to the shops. Try to shop locally wherever possible as this cuts down on transport related emissions.

When a majority of the world was confined under the coronavirus pandemic we saw how our carbon footprint rapidly decreased. The pandemic taught us that change is possible, however, we must all come together to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Many small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on the environment.

A big thank you to John Moran for his guest news blog contribution this week.