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Thomaston Mills Releases American Blossom Collection


WYNCOTE, PA.—Thomaston Mills, a manufacturer of high-quality textiles, announces the release of the American Blossom collection.

Textiles that come from China take an approximate 8,000-mile trip from the factory to your door. American Blossom is different. The company’s bedding made with 100 percent USA Organic Cotton is grown, processed, finished, and shipped in the United States, drastically reducing their carbon footprint while supporting American workers all along the way.

Thomaston Mills uses an advanced all-natural finishing process that softens the cotton and insures nice smooth feel and a mechanical process that virtually eliminates shrinkage. Linens are generously sized with extra deep pockets to provide an excellent fit on almost any height mattress. “Top or Bottom” labels act as visual cues to help one place the fitted sheet correctly on the mattress.

As the oldest domestic sheet manufacturer in the United States, Thomaston pays its employees a fair wage, offers them healthcare and other benefits and manufactures in accordance with all the stringent U.S. labor, workplace, health and safety regulations.