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The Marker Hotel—Touchstone for a Cleaner, Greener Environment

The Marker Hotel

SAN FRANCISCO—The 208-room boutique Marker Hotel in San Francisco in the heart of Union Square attracts an international clientele with its reputation for upscale, eclectic style—and cleanliness.

Director of Housekeeping, Luz Alfaro, citing global guests and the potential for germs to travel with them, has found a solution to the challenge of keeping a green, pristine environment while meeting health, safety, and cost-effectiveness goals at the 4-star hotel: It’s the PathoSans® ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) Solution system for On-Site Generation (OSG) of cleaning and disinfecting products.

On-Site Generation

The Marker likes making its own solutions on-site, and this was a major selling point, notes Luz.

“Knowing we would never need to place an order for chemicals, and would never run out of solutions, was important to us,” Luz says.

PathoSans also reduces their eco-footprint by eliminating shipping, storing and disposal of most conventional cleaning chemicals, replacing 90 percent of such products formerly used there.

Daily Disinfecting

The Marker’s nearly 40 housekeepers clean and disinfect every room and public area daily—including 11,000 square feet of meeting space—using PathoCide®, a people-friendly disinfectant. It’s also used daily in back-of-house areas.

PathoSans® ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) Solution system for On-Site Generation (OSG)

Using tap water, salt and electricity, the PathoSans system makes both PathoCide and PathoClean®, a Green Seal certified cleaner, at a fraction of the cost of conventional cleaners.

PathoClean is used for both daily and deep cleaning, including carpet care. Both solutions are ready-to-use, dispensed into storage tanks, and have a 30-day or greater shelf life.

Better for People, Planet

“Knowing it was not going to harm our housekeepers using the products day in and day out was vital,” notes Luz.

Given the effectiveness and relative safety of the solutions, workers fully welcomed and accepted the change, but not at first.

Passing the Touch Test—No Bubbles, No Problem

“Some wondered about the lack of bubbles, color and smell, but when they ‘touched and tested’ their bathrooms and felt the clean, no residue surfaces, they were sold,” Luz says. “Many had been using conventional fragranced and colored chemicals for 20 years, but we’ve had almost zero pushback.”

Evidence- and Experience-Based Green Cleaning

Executive King Room

“I studied chemistry for four years in college, and the PathoSans’ staff has been very helpful in answering my questions from a technical perspective,” Luz adds. “We like the product so much, and it’s so safe and economical, we even use it at home. We love it.”

The Marker’s General Manager, Benjamin Duverge speaks from much experience: “I have installed the PathoSans system in three different properties, every time with great success. It just makes sense. It is safer for our team members, makes the hotel cleaner for our guests, uses less resources to produce, all while having a positive impact on the bottom line. Everybody wins!”

“Our motto is ‘Make Your Mark at The Marker’,” concludes Luz. “PathoSans has helped us to make our mark by providing a clean, healthy, indoor environment protecting both workers and guests while saving money.”