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Telkonet Partners with California Utility to Offer Free Retrofits


GERMANTOWN, MD.—Telkonet Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for broadband networking, end-to-end service support and energy management, announced the implementation of several significant energy management projects with major USA-based automation and control solutions companies for an energy efficiency program with a major utility in California.

These programs, which are expected to generate 2007 revenue in excess of $5 million for Telkonet, are projected to save millions of kilowatt hours per year, and were specifically designed to help the utility meet its state energy conservation goals by reducing energy consumption in hotel and motel rooms throughout the utility’s northern and central California service areas.

The energy efficiency program provides qualified hotel owners throughout the electric utility’s service area with free, energy-saving retrofits designed to eliminate wasteful use of air-conditioning and heating units. The program, which runs through the end of 2008, helps hotel owners to quickly reduce energy consumption, providing free installation and hardware.

Demand is Growing

“We are seeing strong successes with our energy management products, which are adding to our substantial revenue growth,” says Ron Pickett, CEO of Telkonet. “The cost savings from implementing Telkonet SmartEnergy are compelling and we expect to see increased usage as both building owners and electric utilities seek additional methods to conserve energy.”

The installation of Telkonet SmartEnergy typically reduces heating- and cooling-related energy consumption by approximately 30 percent. The patented Telkonet SmartEnergy system incorporates a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) controller or smart thermostat that communicates with an unobtrusive occupancy sensor to monitor and adjust to conditions, such as changing weather, room temperature and HVAC efficiency.

The system automatically tracks room occupancy to optimize temperature settings for room-by-room savings by relaxing the temperature when a room is empty and then recovering to guests’ temperature set-points within predefined minutes upon their return. This automated process of relaxing the HVAC unit in an unoccupied area is especially beneficial for hotels and motels to realize maximum energy savings. Telkonet SmartEnergy thermostats include programmable parameters that allow guests to adjust room temperatures within a range dictated by hotel management.

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