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Stylex Launches Umo, a Sculptural Accent Table


DELANCO, N.J.—Commercial furnishings expert Stylex announces the release of its latest accent table Umo, the perfect piece to outfit lounges, work nooks, and spaces that blur the lines between residential and commercial. Cleverly designed by Stylex’s Brandon Walker to lend function, form, and texture to a variety of multi-purpose spaces, Umo can serve as an occasional table, sculpture, and—in a pinch—extra seating.

“An exercise in minimalism and material purity, we strove to create an ambiguous object that lies between sculptural and functional,” says Walker. “Taking inspiration from the iconic arches found in a de Chirico painting, the table’s architectural, minimalist form is both quiet and bold.”

As much a sculptural object as an accent table, Umo adds utility and visual warmth to any space. Walker playfully combined geometry and form in the fully wood piece, juxtaposing curved shapes with angular cutouts. In fact, the name “Umo” is derived from the shapes that make the table: three arches and a circle. The portico-like arches not only add a beguiling detail but cleverly aid in wire management.

Longevity & Simplicity Prioritized

Longevity and simplicity are important elements of Walker’s design process. By prioritizing each, Walker not only aims to establish a trend-proof, timeless piece, but he also hopes to promote sustainability.

“Umo has a simplicity of design that will help it last for generations. It’s not specific to a trend,” said Walker. “Careful consideration was given to how thick each wood part should be, as to allow for very little throw-away material.”

Umo is available in maple, oak, and walnut, each sealed with a clear, water-based finish that showcases the wood’s natural grain. It also comes in oak with an opaque black finish. Crafted in the U.S. with special consideration for the environment, Umo is Greenguard IAQ and Level 1 certified and available in CET, making it easy to specify. As with all Stylex products, the Umo accent table is backed by a 10-year performance warranty.

To learn more about Stylex’s “Enduring Companions” as well as the brands’ full range of solutions, all of which are made in the USA, visit Stylex online.