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Steeped Launches Nitro Sealed Single-Serve Coffee Bags


SANTA CRUZ, CALIF.—Santa Cruz-based startup Steeped, Inc. has launched its Steeped Coffee brewing method to serious coffee drinkers across the nation. Brewed like tea, Steeped Coffee’s nitro sealed Steeped Bags, along with their packaging made using renewable and compostable materials, achieve the unthinkable: freshly ground specialty coffee in a single serving. That’s why it earned the “Best New Product” award for their innovative packaging at the recent Specialty Coffee Expo.

Steeped Coffee launched when serial entrepreneur and coffee lover Josh Wilbur decided to combine the convenience of a single-serving brew method with the premium quality of ethically sourced coffee. Wilbur wanted to redeem the environmental dilemma created by coffee pods. Wilbur points out over 10 billion unrecyclable pods accumulate in landfills each year—enough to wrap around the earth more than 110 times if placed side by side. Moreover, each type of pod depends on expensive and often moldy brewing machines, which are also unrecyclable.

It took Wilbur seven years to innovate the proprietary Steeped Coffee system that delivers fresh roasted, pre-portioned, precision ground, micro batched coffee in customized Full Immersion Filters. “Premium coffee roasters have shied away from offering their specialty beans in single-serve packaging because it’s been nearly impossible to keep ground coffee fresh, which quickly ruins the taste,” said Wilbur. “With our Nitro Sealed bags, oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, so the coffee stays fresh as if it was ground moments ago.”

“Steeped Packs are the easiest way to make a delicious cup of coffee,” Wilbur Says. “You shouldn’t need to perform chemistry before you’ve made your coffee.”