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Six Senses Voted No. 1 Hotel Brand Third Year in Row


BANGKOK—Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has been voted the world’s No. 1 Hotel Brand for the third year in a row by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, the largest and most influential travel magazine in the United States.

A meaningful brand is at the heart of any thriving business. It is what people connect to more than any product. According to Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs, there is no promotion or offer in the world that can influence brand love as much as employees. “This is a joyful opportunity to recognize our hosts, who live our values and project what our brand stands for every day,” Jacobs says. “They create the magic behind each meaningful guest experience, so this win is for them. I am blown away by the readers of Travel + Leisure and their continued endorsement for our commitment to wellness, sustainability and fun and our quirky way of doing things.”

The Six Senses brand unites a diverse, multinational and multicultural portfolio of properties, with each host bringing the values to life in their own way.

Working at Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Sales and Marketing Coordinator Pedro says: “Wellness and sustainability really go hand in hand as one concept for me, as a core pillar of Six Senses and core value of mine. I try and help wherever I can, from beach cleanups and mindful resource usage, to avoiding printing and limiting waste by reusing and recycling. As they say, you don’t need one person to do sustainability perfectly, you need eight billion people doing it imperfectly.”

Sustainability Awareness Growing

Six Senses Samui Sustainability Coordinator Tanita runs on the beach every morning, as this gives her positive energy to be ready for work: “I motivate other hosts and show them how to make our own products such as candles and mosquito sprays. Everyone has a lot more awareness on sustainability compared to a few years ago.”

For Six Senses Laamu Sustainability Manager Megan, sustainability is part of everyone’s job, not just her own. “I hope to inspire people to incorporate sustainability into their work and their home lives, so that it becomes second nature. It is not exclusive. I used to do an evening sustainability presentation, but it sounded so boring! So, I turned it into a Trivia Quiz. That got people interested and drew them in, so that I could tell them about all of the great work we do in sustainability.”

Esther has recently moved into HR, and believes wellness and sustainability are fundamental to all hosts: “Everyone should take a moment for themselves on a daily basis, to simply relax or just think about their day which is why we incorporate so many activities related to wellness, from yoga to sound healing. At the same time, we ensure we are minimizing our use of resources such as paper or plastic. We are all hard working, but it is also important to have a little fun!”

Fun is high up on the priority list at Six Senses Fiji, where Guest Services Supervisor Sairusi immerses his guests in stories about Fijian culture and history. Working at the resort’s Grow With Six Senses club, Alisi embraces this core value throughout the day: “We perform the meke to all guests and we make sure to get them all involved in the tuiboto (conga line). Everyone has a laugh and it brings the guests together. Living on an island means it is important to be sustainable and every morning we take the kids to Cluckingham Palace to collect their eggs.”

Making Sustainability a Habit

At the corporate office in Bangkok, PR Assistant Wanpiti implements wellness and sustainable habits into her daily work and lifestyle. “Habits are often perceived as a cage or a restriction, but I find this to be an effective tool—once you master the habit itself, it becomes automatic and therefore convenient in nature. Living in an urban setting can be a little challenging due to convenience culture; however, with a little adaption, I take public transport and also reuse as much as I can, for example bottles and cloth bags.”

In addition to its pioneering wellness offering, Six Senses also extends the invitation for guests to take part in sustainability initiatives that ensure local communities and ecosystems continue to thrive. From Earth Labs to coral colonies and manta ray research to supporting local schools, Six Senses works with owners and travel partners to offer guests unique opportunities to travel beyond the destination into first-hand discovery.

The August issue of Travel + Leisure marks the 24th edition of World’s Best, with hundreds of thousands of respondents rating hotel brands on their locations, rooms and facilities, food, service, and overall value. With a monthly circulation of 950,000 and 6.7 million readers, the publication, which first hit newsstands in 1937, promotes the survey from November through March via the print magazine, tablet editions, newsletters, social media and website.