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Six Senses’ Reforestation Project Off & Running in Northern Thailand


BANGKOK, THAILAND—As part of its commitment to mitigate climate change, Six Senses—a leading luxury resort and spa development and management company—has joined aid agencies, governments and private companies in supporting carbon emission mitigation projects. The aim of its latest initiative, Six Senses Reforestation Project, is to curb the threat of severe climate change caused by human-made hydrocarbon emissions and greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Six Senses Reforestation Project has planted the first 300 trees in northern Thailand in association with the UNESCO approved Earth Charter Foundation. By planting trees on deforested land, Six Senses offsets carbon emissions and helps to protect the land for future generations. The project assists the local community to overcome soil erosion, protect crop-yielding land and restore natural habitats.

The project is located in the Pang Hai Valley of Mai Rim in a mountain enclave 100 kilometers from Chiang Mai International Airport. The first batch of saplings planted was a northern Thailand indigenous species named Magnolia Alba, which is also known locally as the Jumpar or white flower tree. The next batch to be planted will be the Jumpee or yellow flower tree.

Recognition of Value of Trees

“My family has been growing crops here for many centuries but only recently have we become aware of the value of trees after seeing the land suffer when the trees were cut down,” says Pang Hai tenth generation farmer Naron Panyang. “Now no one is allowed to remove trees and it’s good that we can grow more trees to restore the forests.”

The local primary school located adjacent to the first stage of the reforestation has become actively involved with the Six Senses Reforestation Project, with the students already learning how to grow trees while receiving hands-on education on land use, the environment and the issue of climate change.

In line with Six Senses commitment to their core purpose—to create innovative and enlightening experiences that rejuvenate its guests’ love of SLOW LIFE (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome, Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences)—the group continues to commit to global, regional and locally sustainable development initiatives in order to minimize negative social and environmental impacts while maximizing positive social and environmental impacts through conservation, awareness raising and social contributions. The Six Senses Reforestation Project is part of the Six Senses Holistic Environmental Management Program.

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