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Siena Hotel Spa Casino Goes Paperless


RENO, NEV.—The Siena Hotel Spa Casino announced they are moving toward greener solutions by converting from traditional paper slips to virtual drawings and digital comp slips. The Siena, located in Reno, Nev., has purchased a software system to enhance the players’ experience while supporting the environment. Now, players no longer have to retrieve and keep tickets they earn to win in drawings; the virtual drawing randomly selects a lucky winner. In addition, new digital comp slips allow for players to easily access their comps earned at any outlet throughout the property just by showing their Siena Rewards Card.

The new Siena has made great strides toward a greener tomorrow within the casino by reducing paper consumption through technological innovation. For the new Siena going green doesn’t stop there; the resort established the Truckee River Beautification Project in early 2012. The volunteer committee meets regularly to clean, plan, and establish ways to ensure the Siena’s backyard remains in beautiful condition.

“Nature is our prized possession,” said David Kittrell, director of operations at the Siena. “With Siena’s location right on the banks of the Truckee River, we are fortunate and we are reminded daily to do our part. Not only do our efforts to go paperless benefit our environment, it also provides added convenience to our customers. A true win win.”

The Siena encourages its players to make steps toward a greener future and join its efforts to reduce paper usage. As a result, the Siena has also created Email Express for Siena Rewards Members. Email Express allows members to receive special offers, discounts, dining specials and promotions simply by checking their e-mail.

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