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Seresco Adds Compact Cabinet Models to NE Series


DECATUR, GA.—Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., a leading indoor pool mechanical dehumidifier manufacturer, introduces the three-model NE Series Compact Cabinets, which are pool/spa room dehumidifiers with enclosures designed specifically for mounting above suspended ceilings and other small, tight spaces. The Compact Cabinet models target humidity control in small aquatic-centric spaces containing physical therapy pools, spas, swim-spas and other small vessels used in healthcare, medical office, assisted living, condo, small hotel and residential buildings.

The Compact Cabinet models feature Seresco’s NE Series 2, 3 or 4-ton units, but in a new 46 (d) x 32 (w) x 22 (h)-inch enclosure reconfiguration that fits easily into the 24-inch-high spaces above standard suspended or T-bar ceilings. The Compact Cabinets range from six to 20-lbs of moisture/hr. removal capacity, 500 to 1,800-cfm airflow (at 0.75-inches w.g.) and achieve comfortable 50 percent relative humidity (RH) levels in most aquatic rooms less than 1,000-square-feet.

The NE Series Compact Cabinet models feature WebSentry Technology, Seresco’s proprietary, web-based automated remote monitoring that allows a factory technician, building owner, HVAC contractor or other authorized personnel to access the unit’s CommandCenter microprocessor via a computer or smartphone web browser. Combined with historical recording and alarm features, WebSentry enables a building owner’s technical staff the ability to monitor the dehumidifier for optimum operational conditions, efficiency and ensure long-term energy savings and indoor air comfort versus conventional systems.

Other advanced technology includes energy-efficient direct drive fans and electrically commutated (EC) motors. The EC motors enable adjustable fan speeds for customizing room air changes to the application and safeguarding against potentially excessive air delivery that’s common among conventional, single-speed fan dehumidifiers not specifically designed for small rooms.

Like all Seresco equipment, the coils are dipped in a corrosion-resistant coating and the refrigeration circuit uses pressure transducers for optimum compressor operation.

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