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The Refinishing Touch Launches Communication Program


ALPHARETTA, GA—The Refinishing Touch, a specialist in re-upholstering, armoire modification and on-site furniture refinishing, has unveiled its new customer communication program. The program, open to The Refinishing Touch’s hospitality, government, and education clients will provide new ways to connect with industry and cross-industry peers, share experiences, and discuss business, environmental, and sustainability goals.

The customer program, Green Connect, will harness social media, media relations, and video communications, as well as more traditional marketing methods, such as written case studies. 

“Traditionally, as work is completed, a news release is written and distributed explaining the scope and cost of the work, and one or two unique points about the client or the company providing the service,” said Mario Insenga, founder and president of The Refinishing Touch. “While the news release serves a great purpose there are constraints—including word limits and perceptions of which projects are deemed ‘press worthy’—which means that important details of many refinishing projects are not communicated to industry peers. The omission of these details can cloud the rationale for change, and hamper decision-making in companies that are contemplating a change—whether for the good of their business, or the environment.”

Many Different Communication Approaches

With its new customer communication program, The Refinishing Touch will expand the volume and depth of stories about its work, which includes properties in hospitality, education and government. New and existing clients will be able to share their experiences of reducing costs through preservation and sustainable asset management. The program will include social media snapshots, news alerts, tweets, blogs and best practice advice alongside more traditional communications such as press releases, Web interviews and newsletter stories. Organizations keen to commit and participate will have access to educational material, events and content to support their sustainability and business goals.

“Across our client base there are engaging and motivating stories to share about how our clients approached and overcame a challenge; how they motivated stakeholders; and the vision they were following,” said Insenga. “This program is designed to give those we work with more than just a paragraph in a press release to express themselves. Through our blog, Twitter feed and other creative communication methods, we plan on letting our work and our clients’ voices speak for themselves.”

One of the elements of the new program, the “Visual Success Story,” is a new take on the traditional case study. The Refinishing Touch focuses on aesthetic output, but traditional case studies do not convey a complete picture of the work completed. With the new Visual Success Story format, high-resolution images and videos will showcase the unique on-site work of The Refinishing Touch, and accompanying client quotes will breathe new life into the way these stories are told.

“Our new Visual Success Story is the perfect medium, since you’ll actually see the before and after and the efforts of the work that’s done by our teams,” said Mario Insenga. “Reading about how an armoire modification is completed on-site and without disruption across dozens or hundreds of rooms is not the same as actually getting a feel for how the project ran and to see the refinished product. We’re excited about taking an existing process we’ve been doing and folding it into our communication program—sharing these insights across channels such as social media. We’ve had many of our clients express willingness to have their project blogged about, photographed or recorded, and we’re looking forward to sharing those opportunities with everyone so we can continue to drive industry-wide commitment to refinishing and sustainable business practices.”

All existing Refinishing Touch customers are able to sign up for the Green Connect customer communication program. For more information, visit www.therefinishingtouch.com or e-mail greenconnect@therefinishingtouch.com.