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PURE Rooms Experiencing Rapid Growth in Allergy Travel Market


BUFFALO, N.Y.—PURE Solutions, a leading provider of asthma and allergy-friendly hotel rooms, has recently seen a strong uptick in demand for its services. This year, the company has already installed more than 520 rooms at 31 hotels across the United States.

PURE Rooms utilize state of the art treatments and advanced purification technology to create an environment that is more comfortable for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. PURE Rooms CEO Brian Brault described his company’s expansion as “a key opportunity to help make travel easier for this growing segment of the population.”

“With 1 in 4 Americans experiencing symptoms, chronic respiratory conditions are a serious health concern,” Brault says. “Our mission is to improve the lives of people traveling with allergies and this expansion enables us to serve more of these individuals than ever before.”

Brands, Ownership Groups Rolling Out PURE Rooms

Major brands like Marriott, Embassy Suites and Doubletree have been especially active in promoting allergy-friendly accommodations this year. Hotel ownership groups John Q. Hammons, Felcor and Ashford Hospitality Trust have also worked with PURE to increase the availability of hypoallergenic hotel rooms nationwide.

Eric Batis, Vice President of Asset Management at Ashford, expressed enthusiasm for his company’s effort to bring PURE Rooms to so many of their hotels.

“PURE Rooms address travelers’ growing interest in health and wellness and offer us an outstanding way to enhance the guest experience,” Batis says. “Because PURE Rooms also create an additional revenue stream, the program  is really beneficial for everyone.”

With demand for asthma and allergy-friendly travel options continuing to grow, along with PURE’s continued expansion, guests will be able to find PURE Rooms in well over 200 hotels by the end of the year.