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Pairi Daiza Offers Stay in Heart of a Zoo Park

The Full Moon Lodge

Ever felt like your stay in a hotel was like staying in a zoo? If so, I am sure you did not mean it in a good way. Well, now you can practically stay overnight in a zoo at Belgium’s Pairi Daiza Resort. Visitors can literally walk and sleep between wolves, bears, Steller sea lions, mountain lions and more. There are four hotel options for guests: The Full Moon Lodge, Native Village, Paddling Bear Hotel, and Paddling Bear Suites.

The Full Moon Lodge, of which there are 10, is constructed all of wood and stone and is completely covered with soil and vegetation similar to a hobbit house. It offers a view of the adjacent forest where bears and wolves live.

The Native Village includes 10 houses that overlook the territory of the fallow deer. In these lodges, guests are immersed in the heart of the First Nations of Western Canada. The houses feature sculptures and tribal paintings. On the outskirts of the village, huge totems with carved animals watch over the Village.

The 26-room Paddling Bear Hotel is filled with Native American art and overlooks a lake where Stellar sea lions play.

The four Paddling Bear Suites also overlook the sea lions’ home.

A part of the Little Guest Hotel Collection, the resort also offers myriad food and beverage options—from its semi-gastronomic restaurant, Octopus, to Oasis, a restaurant in the middle of a greenhouse where a cohort of exotic animals live together.

Be sure to check out this fascinating resort with incredible design.