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Oxy-Gen Powered Introduces Continuous Odor Control Solution


ATLANTA—Oxy-Gen Powered, a leader in innovative air-freshening and hygiene solutions, is introducing Oxygen-Pro, a programmable and continuous air freshening system that eliminates malodors. Oxygen-Pro allows users to customize the fragrance intensity with various cartridge sizes and settings. The Regular cartridge offers 30-day odor control and the Grande cartridge can be set to 30-, 60- or 90-day scent delivery. The fragrances have no CFCs, propellents, alcohols or allergens, and no added VOCs or solvents.

“Many air fresheners simply mask odors and only release scent periodically, either via gels, solids or aerosols,” said Chris Whiting, Executive Vice President—North America, Oxy-Gen Powered. “Our products incorporate a patented oxygen fuel cell technology that ensures consistent and reliable fragrance delivery. Oxygen-Pro will eradicate foul odors and provide occupants and guests with a fresh, clean, and positive lasting impression of a facility.”

Each Oxygen-Pro cartridge contains a bladder of fragrance oil that is punctured when users push down and twist the cap. The fuel cell propels oxygen against the bladder to release the fragrance oils continuously onto a cellulose pad. The fragrance then emanates into the environment through evaporation. Two AA alkaline batteries power the fuel cell for about a year before they need to be replaced.

Oxygen-Pro eliminates a wide range of malodors caused by urine, feces, tobacco, pets, cooking, body odors, mold and mildew. This makes the product ideal for areas beyond restrooms, including restaurant kitchens, offices, hotel lobbies, doctor’s offices, transportation centers and more.

Available in 12 designer fragrances, from the exotic and fruity Crush to the calming Spa, as well as two non-fragrant odor control cartridges, there are options for every facility. All cartridges contain a malodor counteractant to neutralize airborne odor molecules and keep air smelling fresh and clean.

For more information, visit www.oxygenpowered.com.