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Numi Tea Adds Five New Flavors to Organic Tea Line


OAKLAND, CALIF.—Numi Organic Tea announces the introduction of five new flavors to its line of teas & teasans. All five are certified organic and four of them are certified Fair Trade. What they all share in common is the use of authentic ingredients such as real vanilla bean, rose petals, Osmanthus flowers, ginger, and lemongrass blended with the highest quality loose tea.

The teas are subtle with just the right hints of herbs or flowers. Indian Night, for example, a rich decaf black tea, has hints of vanilla bean. This is the first time in Numi history that the company has offered decaffeinated teas. After searching for a nontoxic process that still maintained antioxidant levels and flavor quality, Numi found a carbon dioxide extraction process to extract the caffeine from the tea leaves without leaving any chemical residues or reduction in flavor.

The biggest advantage is that the process leaves 95 percent of the polyphenol content intact. The company says there is currently no other company in the United States that offers full leaf-grade carbon dioxide decaffeinated organic tea.

Ahmed Rahim, cofounder and alchemist behind Numi, says that Numi sets itself apart from other tea companies by using only real ingredients in full-leaf tea blends without oils or essences that are common in the market. For all tea boxes and teabag over-wrap, Numi prints with soy ink on 100 percent recycled paper, with a minimum of 85 percent post-consumer waste.

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