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No Reason for Toilet Leaks with Advanced Detection Systems

Glenn Hasek

When I moved into my Tampa area home several years ago, it took some time to get the toilet fixtures adjusted properly. With a seven-year-old in the house, there are still times when the toilet water keeps running—usually due to a stuck toilet tank lever. According to Joseph Benson, Vice President of Business Development at EcoSense Solutions, over a year’s time an average leaking toilet will waste 75,000 gallons of water and cost an owner about $600 based on the national average water rate. A warped flapper is the leading cause of a leaking toilet and can alone waste up to 200 gallons of water a day. Benson says it is common for his company to find more than 20 percent of toilets leaking in a hotel. Assuming you have a 100-room property with 20 rooms with toilets leaking, that could mean $12,000 in additional annual water costs. Tack on time and labor and some unhappy guests and you have got quite a hefty bill.

EcoSense Solutions is just one of the companies featured in an article I posted this past week on toilet leak prevention. Today there is no reason for your toilets to be leaking. EcoSense Solutions’ AquaMizer system replaces an existing flush mechanism with a product that senses nine different toilet leaks (including flapper leaks) and prevents the tank from continuously refilling in those instances.

According to Fluidmaster, Inc., its 400LS—Universal Fill Valve, Leak Sentry fixes noisy toilets and detects leaks. With its universal fit, the Leak Sentry prevents the automatic refill of a leaky tank due to a worn or faulty flapper. The water-saving roller clamp allows one to regulate the fill level in the bowl.

Know About Leaks from Anywhere

The Toilet Scrooge is a 24/7 wireless toilet monitoring system offered by The Water Scrooge. It is designed to help hoteliers instantly identify malfunctioning toilets, repair leaks and increase profits. With The Toilet Scrooge, one can quickly analyze an entire building’s toilets on a mobile device.

The wireless Aqwifi also makes it possible to monitor toilets for leaks 24/7, fix the leaks that can annoy guests, and significantly reduce water costs. Aqwifi’s sensor detects “normal” and “abnormal” water flows into the toilet’s tank via the refill tube. On installation, the toilet is flushed to let the sensor know what normal water flow “feels” like. Any flow that deviates from the normal flow is detected as an abnormal refill, indicating a potential leak. Once the Aqwifi determines that abnormal flows represent a leak, the leak indication is e-mailed or texted to on-site personnel on a daily or even hourly basis.

James Brackett, Co-Founder and CEO of Aqwifi, says the device was engineered with a radio inside it, along with a sensor. It fits inside the toilet tank. Aqwifi helps improve guest satisfaction and streamlines the leak reporting process. Brackett says it can also identify faulty parts. “Some flappers and fill valves are bad out of the box,” he says. “It lets you know if you have a bad part.”

Is your company or property using a system I did not mention to stop toilet leaks? I would love to learn about it. Write to editor@greenlodgingnews.com.

Green Lodging News Adds TMI Sustainable Aquatics as Directory Partner

Green Lodging News welcomes TMI Sustainable Aquatics to its Green Product & Service Directory. TMI’s mission is to promote the advancement of sustainable aquatics. It utilizes Salt Pure chlorine generation equipment along with Salt Synergy UV and Chemistry Controllers to create the most pleasurable and healthy water possible, while reducing the amount of chemicals that are added to the water.

By focusing on “partnering” instead of the traditional approach to pool service, TMI’s goal is to educate aquatic staff in all aspects of TMI equipment and make the facility self-reliant, capable and confident in the day to day operations of the pool. TMI employs tools such as “Virtual Training” to provide a low cost solution to client education.

In addition to having CPO Inspectors and Instructors, at TMI every employee is CPO certified. TMI’s focus is teaching students proper chemical balance instead of simply “throwing chemicals at the pool.” Call (360) 769-7462, e-mail timothy@tmisaltpure.com, or click here for more information.

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