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New LED Intigo Omni-Directional 35W Lamp


FORT MILL, S.C.—HyLite announced the New Intigo Omni-Directional 35W Lamp. This new lamp is a high-quality LED Retrofit Solution that replaces traditional 175W MH/HPS lamps. The HyLite LED Intigo Omni-Directional 35W Lamp enhances vision for better optical acuity, and provides clean, crisp light. Suitable for fully enclosed fixtures, its compact size makes it the ideal replacement for CFL, MV, HID, and HPS Lamps in existing fixtures. The Omni-Directional 35W Lamp comes standard with 3,000⁰K and 5,000⁰K and products with 2,400⁰K-6,500⁰K are available as Special Orders only.

Designed for easy installation in new fixtures or existing luminaires, HyLite LED Intigo Omni-Directional Lamps are suitable for a wide variety of applications. One can use the Intigo Omni-Directional 35W Lamp Base Up & Base Down. They feature excellent optics for increased visibility, and low power consumption. With lamp life of up to 60,000 hours, they significantly reduce energy consumption and re-lamping costs, consequently decreasing maintenance and disposal costs. The Intigo Omni-Directional 35W Lamp is IP65 rated for complete protection against contact, dust infiltration and water splashes.

For more information about the new Omni-Directional 35W Lamp, go to: hyliteledlighting.com/led-products/hid-replacement/intigo-lamps/intigo-omni-directional/