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New Greenloons Website Helps Clarify Ecotourism Certification


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Greenloons, a global ecotourism provider, recently launched a website to add clarity to ecotourism certification procedures and help eco-conscious travelers make responsible and informed vacation purchasing decisions. Greenloons.com allows users to select from a variety of third-party certified ecotour vacations and conservation-focused volunteer projects.

Greenloons focuses on ecotourism education and includes listings for unique and inspiring wildlife adventures. The site is also packed with vivid nature photos. The “Ecotour Destinations” feature enables visitors to search for third party certified ecotourism destinations by country, activity, and departure date. Each tour description includes an overview, itinerary details, trip notes, availability dates, certifications, and customer reviews.

If users create a personal account, they can search additionally by price, individual certification, customer ratings, or family friendly tours (i.e. those specifically designed for parents with children between the ages of six and 12). For those interested in short term volunteer opportunities, the “Conservation Programs” search tool provides contact information and links to individual nonprofit conservation organizations. Once the planning process has commenced, the “My Tours” feature enables registered users to keep track of their current trip arrangements and plan for future getaways.

General Ecotourism Information Included

In addition to facilitating environmentally responsible vacation planning, Greenloons provides useful information about the global ecotourism market, which is currently growing 5 percent annually worldwide, representing 6 percent of the world GDP and reflecting 11.4 percent of all consumers spending. Details regarding regional certifications and international standards for ecotourism are clearly presented, helping consumers understand the ecotourism certification award process, evaluation criteria, and monitoring methods more thoroughly.

In addition to disseminating ecotourism knowledge, the site engages users via the “Greenloons Community” section, where they are encouraged to submit personal travel stories, offer and read about travel tips and examples of ecotourism in people’s local communities, and browse through an extensive photo stream. They can additionally sign up for a Greenloons newsletter which provides them access to an exclusive Reference Guide to Ecotourism Certification as well as the latest in ecotourism news, discussion threads, destinations and volunteer conservation efforts.

“We created this website to introduce more clarity to what constitutes true ecotourism, while emphasizing the abundance of quality ecotours worldwide,” says Irene Lane, founder and president of Greenloons. “By recommending fun, safe and educational vacation experiences, we hope more people will connect at a deeper level with the places and people they are visiting.”

Go to www.greenloons.com.