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M1T Partners, Adoba Eco Hotel Finalize Funding for National Expansion of LEED Certified Hotel Brand


NEW YORK—M1T Partners, LP (M1T), an SEC Registered Investment Advisory addressing the needs of private equity and merger and acquisition specialists by placing investments and providing the necessary advisory services to arrange, structure, execute and syndicate transactions, has finalized a preliminary round of funding of Adoba Eco Hotel, the first independent hotel chain to design, build and convert fully LEED certified hotels. M1T’s $75 million investment represents the first round of financing of a five-year plan to accelerate Adoba’s national expansion plan.

M1T’s investment in the Adoba Eco Hotel brand expansion is being conducted through the firm’s fund that seeks to achieve capital appreciation while minimizing risk of loss by investing in underfunded development projects, opportunistic projects and unique special situations. Due to the state of the economy and lack of traditional lender liquidity, developers frequently encounter difficulties in financing. The fund’s strategy is to utilize M1T’s established network of contacts in financial sectors to finance both existing and future projects.

“Adoba is uniquely positioned to lead the hospitality industry with practices and initiatives that deliver superior guest services, while safeguarding the world we live in,” said Jim Henderson, president and CEO of Adoba. “This investment from M1T represents the ground floor of an expansion to make Adoba’s brand a prominent fixture in major travel markets. Our ability to create fully LEED certified hotels, either by building from the ground up or by renovating existing buildings, provides a tremendous opportunity for us to create green jobs and transform the hospitality industry in the next five years.”

According to Adoba, the Adoba new build design and conversions provide a competitive advantage to hotel owners balancing the desire to become more sustainable with the financial realities of their business. For developers or hotel owners, building or repositioning a property for maximum energy efficiency and sustainable long-term performance offers a transformational business model that eliminates traditional franchise fees in order to provide the greatest opportunities for maximum returns.

“The partnership between Adoba and M1T is one of a shared vision to create jobs and transform the hospitality industry with a business model that benefits developers, hotel owners and investors,” said Anthony Gude, executive director of M1T. “Adoba’s growth plan is clear and our capital investments over the next five years, along with the Jobs Creation Act, have paved the way for their continued momentum and job creation.”

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