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Len-Tex Publishes New Health Product Declarations


WALPOLE, N.H.—Len-Tex Corp. announced the publishing of new Health Product Declarations (HPDs) utilizing Version 2.1 for its Clean Vinyl Wallcoverings. “Publishing HPDs is a key facet of our commitment to promoting safer, healthier indoor environments,” says Don Lennon. “Full product transparency is the one true measure of a company’s commitment to healthier living spaces and work environments.”

The HPD Open Standard provides a rigorous, standard methodology for detailed reporting of product contents and associated health information for building products. While over 2,500 published HPDs are available to the public in the HPD Public Repository, Len-Tex Corp. remains the only contract wallcovering manufacturer to publish an HPD for their products.

The new Version 2.1 HPDs include a LEED “pre-check” indicator. This information allows users to search the HPD Collaborative (HPDC) online HPDC Public Repository for products that can help a project to qualify for LEED v4 Material Ingredients credits.

The new V2.1 also has expanded the Certifications and Compliances section. Manufacturers can now more clearly detail their product certifications and standards compliance information for VOC emissions, VOC content, and other types of health and environmental performance testing or certifications.

Len-Tex has published their V2.1 HPDs on their company website www.lentexwallcoverings.com. They are also available online in the HPD Public Repository.