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Landscape Forms Introduces Healthy Outdoor Spaces


KALAMAZOO, MICH.—Landscape Forms, North America’s premier manufacturer of high design site furniture, structure, accessories and LED lighting, introduces Healthy Outdoor Spaces, a collection of new products, modified products, and space planning solutions to help landscape architects create environments that support people’s health and well-being.

As employees return to offices, students to campuses, and the public to social venues, the need for safe and confidence-inspiring natural spaces that facilitate responsible collaboration, connection, and social interaction is more important than ever. Healthy Outdoor Spaces is created with this context in mind, drawing on Landscape Forms’ 51 years of thought leadership and experience in connecting people with the outdoors to support their health and overall well-being.

“It’s an unprecedented challenge,” says Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer, Kirt Martin. “How do you keep people safely distanced, yet still very much connected to each other and to their natural environment? In creating Healthy Outdoor Spaces, we concentrated on designing products and solutions that enable people to maintain that safe physical distance without sacrificing their social or emotional well-being.” Hallmarks of the new collection include clear visual cues on site furnishings to denote appropriate distancing, modular panels, and barriers to direct flow of public traffic, and structural elements that elegantly define safe spaces for small groups.

Healthy Outdoor Spaces embodies Landscape Forms’ continued efforts to help businesses, institutions, and communities adapt not only to the challenges they face in immediate response to the COVID-19 health crisis, but also to new expectations for public safety that will endure and persist over time. “Our company was founded on the belief that being outdoors is part of a healthy lifestyle and promotes overall personal well-being,” says Landscape Forms Chief Executive Officer, Marjorie Simmons. “So, extending our existing structure of innovation to introduce Healthy Outdoor Spaces was a very natural step in giving our customers the tools and inspiration to move forward with confidence and creativity, today and tomorrow.”