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GreenTree Inns Beginning to Take Root in Southwestern United States


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.— GreenTree Hospitality Group, Inc., hotel owner, operator and franchisor, with roots in Asia, is beginning to branch out to North America—beginning in the Southwest, with eight limited-service, midscale properties called GreenTree Inn. The GreenTree Inn brand originated in Asia in 2004, and today through acquisition and franchisee development, now boasts 2,600 properties worldwide.

GreenTree Hospitality Group recently announced its first franchised hotel in the United States. What was the Arizona Inn in Prescott Valley, Ariz. has been rebranded as a GreenTree Inn property. Pro Hospitality One PV LLC will operate it under the franchise agreement. This property joins GreenTree Sedona and GreenTree Flagstaff, continuing to grow the GreenTree presence throughout northern Arizona.

Kevin Brooks, managing director for GreenTree Hospitality Group, says there is currently great interest in the franchise concept, with several others already in the pipeline. “We are an owner-centric brand,” Brooks says. “We want to be able to partner with franchisees and make them as successful as possible.”

GreenTree Inns take sustainability to heart, without over-playing it, Brooks says.  GreenTree is more subtle about our efforts, and not “in your face” about it.

Dispensers are a Brand Standard

Bathroom dispensers are a brand standard which means a huge reduction in plastic bottle waste. “There is not only the cost savings benefit but a smaller environmental impact,” Brooks says. “We are receiving very positive feedback from our guests and franchisees alike. We have selected compostable products in our breakfast areas as well, continuing efforts on our sustainability approach.”

While LED light bulbs are optional for franchisees, they are strongly recommended by the brand. The GreenTree Inn & Suites, Phoenix Airport was the first GreenTree Inn property to transition to LED light bulbs. It had previously been using CFLs in its common areas and guestrooms. Although the CFLs were Energy Star rated, they only had a six-month performance life, proving their lack of efficiency. An environmental consultant recommended to replace the existing 1,850, 40-watt CFLs, with 7-watt A-bulb LEDs. They further recommended replacing 65-watt BR30 bulbs with 9-watt BR30 LEDs. These bulbs are ideal for down-light applications, and their lifespan is nearly 10 times longer than the previously used CFLs. By transitioning to new LED options, the hotel has saved more than 80 percent on lighting-related energy costs. Maintenance time spent on changing bulbs has also been dramatically reduced, and has been implemented at other properties.

Amanda Saye, Director of Marketing, GreenTree Hospitality Group, shared that even their marketing campaigns take on an environmental friendly twist; recently mini-trees have been sent out to prospective franchisees, and for every reservation that a guest makes using a special code, a dollar is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation.

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