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Green Globe Launches New Web Site


TURNER, AUSTRALIA—Green Globe, the worldwide benchmarking and certification program that facilitates sustainable travel and tourism for consumers, companies and communities, has launched a new Web site.

The site comprises three main pages. The Program page provides an overview of the Green Globe program for the tourism industry and for those wanting to know more about the organization’s background, credentials, networks and resources. There is a Travellers’ page to assist environmentally conscious travellers to find Green Globe Benchmarked and Certified businesses and destinations. The third page is a Participants’ page to permit customers to log in and find all of the resources they need. It also enables companies to upload information and photos about their businesses.

In other Green Globe news, the dates for the Green Globe and Green Tourism Caribbean conference have been confirmed. It will be held November 1 to 3, 2006. The location is the Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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