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GLN Adds Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc. as a Founding Sponsor


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Hasek Communications, the Cleveland, Ohio-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc. as a Founding Sponsor. Valley Forge Fabrics is a 30-year-old American fabric house specializing in quality hospitality and contract upholstery and drapery. Valley Forge is a family owned and operated business with fully staffed offices in the United States, Australia, Dubai, Italy, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Valley Forge introduces FRESH—Fabrics Redefining Environmental Standards (for) Hospitality. FRESH fabrics are made with post-industrial and post-consumer recycled synthetic yarns. FRESH fabrics are recyclable—and meet all the stringent ACT guidelines and hospitality industry expectations for durability, strength, colorfastness and fire retardancy. Valley Forge is the first textile converter to offer clients an international reclamation program facilitating the recycling process.

In addition to continued research and development of FRESH fabrics, the company is dedicated to increasing the FRESH initiative throughout its processes. Valley Forge purchased renewable energy credits to run all operations for the next three years—a commitment certified by Renewable Choice Energy. Valley Forge has also offset all of its carbon dioxide emissions through The Climate Trust.

Recycling and appropriate disposal of waste is mandatory on company premises and by providing educational sessions the company is encouraging employees to FRESHen up their lifestyles. Valley Forge also provides employees with incentives to carpool and drive alternate fuel/hybrid/high-mpg vehicles. Valley Forge is a company that operates with not only profits and people in mind, but also the environment.

For more information, call (800) 223-7979, e-mail info@valleyforge.com, or go to Valley Forge Fabrics.