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GE Rolls Out New UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 Systems


CLEVELAND, OHIO—GE Consumer & Industrial’s new program-start UltraStart Watt–Miser T5 Systems for retail, property management, commercial and industrial applications deliver a multitude of performance advantages compared with standard T5 systems. The systems offer wattage savings with lumen equivalency, parallel operation that keeps the unit operational despite a lamp failure, fast start times and a continuous cathode cutout functionality that reduces ballast wattage consumption and maximizes fixture efficiency at higher temperatures.

Upon initial installation, a 4-lamp F54-T5-WM-ECO fixture with the new ultra-efficient linear fluorescent T5 ballast (GE454MVPS90–E) from GE delivers 20,000 lumens while consuming just 216 watts (93 lumens per watt) of energy. By comparison, a standard 4-lamp 54–watt T5 system at initial installation provides the same 20,000 hours but eats up more energy at 234 watts (85 lumens per watt). The 18-watts-per-fixture difference adds up quickly in large facilities or chains consisting of hundreds or thousands of locations. With the UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 90C ballast case rating, the system can operate in extreme heat at 55C ambient and still carry a five–year warranty rating for fixtures qualified within the GE UltraCool system certification program.

“Our UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 System represents a huge leap in energy savings and performance,” says Jeff Plaskon, North America ballast product manager, GE Consumer & Industrial. “It’s the kind of new product that will stand out in the minds of energy-conscious end users, building owners and specifying consultants. This is the perfect system for companies that want the lowest wattage T5 high–bay system available today with the convenience of parallel lamp operation and fast start times.”

New UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 System

GE’s new UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 Systems for commercial troffer applications include the T5HE 14-35-watt 2 lamp 120-277V 1.15BF ballast and T5HE 14-35-watt 2 lamp 120-277V .95BF ballast along with T5 Watt-Miser lamps in the popular 4-foot length, as well as 2-, 3- and 5-foot versions. In these 2-lamp configurations, the UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 systems are designed to lower total system wattage by up to 3 watts without affecting light output.

Another newly available GE lamp–ballast system provides greater light output without increasing lamp or system wattages. It provides energy savings when replacing older higher wattage T8 systems. The new high lumen T5 system once again uses either the T5HE 14-35-watt 2 lamp 120-277V 1.15BF ballast or the T5HE 14-35-watt 2 lamp 120-277V .95BF ballast along with the new F28WT5 High Lumen lamp (28-watt lamp, 3050 lumens). These combinations, operating between 58 and 70 watts, can replace standard 3-lamp T8 fixtures operating at 84 watts—all while providing comparable light output.

GE’s UltraStart ballasts feature an anti-striation control function that eliminates the maintenance issues caused by striating lamps, often referred to as spiraling or swirling. Ultimately, this provides flicker- and worry-free performance. The product line also boasts bi-level switching and arc-guard protection. GE’s Arc-Guard design eliminates the damaging effects arcing can have on lamps, ballasts and sockets. All Watt–Miser lamps designated for use in the UltraStart Watt–Miser T5 System feature a UL Type CC rating, which is a stringent designation of protection against arcing in electrical devices.

Parallel Mode Benefits

GE’s UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 program-start ballasts operate in parallel mode, a design attribute that keeps lamps working when other lamps fail. Its parallel mode ensures optimal performance: When one lamp fails, the UltraStart ballast continues to soft start the remaining lamps. This functionality can reduce the amount of spot re-lamping needed and extend group re-lamping time periods. With conventional ballasts, when one lamp fails the remaining lamps are forced to operate at a higher current. And with standard T5 ballasts that are series or series-parallel, other lamps in the circuit are instant started, which can shorten lamp life.

In summary, GE’s UltraStart Watt–Miser T5 Systems offer extremely low wattage solutions with the convenience of parallel operation and fast start times that have been typical with standard T8 systems, but historically unattainable with T5 systems.

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