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Four Seasons San Francisco, Enterprise to Offer Nissan LEAF


SAN FRANCISCO—Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco and Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced the availability of the city’s first and only electric vehicle (EV) rental program and charging station to be hosted by a hotel, for the Nissan LEAF EV. The program and charging station are located on property and are available exclusively for property guests.

Enterprise is continuing the largest EV roll-out in the nation by adding the Nissan LEAF to the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco rental program. Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco is the first hotel partner in San Francisco to partner with Enterprise to offer EVs to guests.

“Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco is Enterprise’s first hotel partner in San Francisco to offer electric vehicles to its guests through our rental program, which speaks to our shared commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality offerings and service,” says Leonard Almalech, San Francisco vice president and general manager of Enterprise. “This is a chance for our customers to experience EV technology, whether it is for a quick test drive, a fuel-efficient rental or just to learn more about the new technology.”

Four Seasons San Francisco guests are able to rent a Nissan Leaf for $90 per day.

Limit of About 100 Miles Per Charge

EVs use no gasoline, and most can travel about 100 miles on a single charge, accommodating the travel habits of the daily commuter who drives an average of approximately 40 miles a day. “We’re honored to be the first hotel to offer the latest in sustainable technology to our guests,” says Doug Housley, general manager at Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco. “Our hotel team truly understands and takes great pride in the importance of preserving our environment. This initiative demonstrates our continued commitment to follow green hospitality practices on behalf of our guests.”

Environmental sustainability is nothing new to the team at Four Seasons. Through the creation of the hotel’s green team—a collective of employees and managers across several departments—the hotel consistently maintains and expands a list of actionable green practices that can be rolled out property-wide. To date, the property has implemented energy conservation practices, adopted the use of hybrid vehicles, purchases local and sustainable food,  donates surplus food, and operates an in-room and property-wide recycling program, as well as a composting program. With more than 150 car rental offices in the San Francisco region, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is uniquely positioned to introduce local drivers to EV technology.

For more information about the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco or to inquire how to rent a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, visit the website or call (800) 332-3442.