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FinalStraw to Officially Launch in November


NATIONAL REPORT—By raising over $1.8 million through Kickstarter, FinalStraw will officially launch in November 2018. With over 150,000 pre-sale FinalStraws sold, it’s apparent that people are excited about convenient, earth-friendly alternatives to straws.

Unlike the alternatives that are difficult to carry around, FinalStraw comes in a key-chain-sized carrying case made of recycled plastic. At $20 a straw, FinalStraw’s mission is to replace plastic straws making way for a “Straw free Earth by 2023”.

FinalStraw’s founders are two young entrepreneurs on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastics. The CEO, Emma Cohen (32), holds a master’s degree from Harvard in Environmental Management and Sustainability and worked in waste minimization at Los Alamos National Laboratory before quitting to become a “straw gal”. Miles Pepper (23), an inventor and cinematographer in Los Angeles, works on the product development aspect of the company.

FinalStraw, offered in a variety of colors, features a retractable 9-inch metal straw, drying rack, and a cleaning squeegee. A portion of proceeds will go to nonprofits.