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EnOcean Presents Self-Powered Sensor Solutions for Smart Lighting


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—At Lightfair 2022 (June 21 to 23, Las Vegas) EnOcean, a world leader in energy harvesting wireless technology—where energy is obtained from the surroundings (motion, light, and temperature differences)—will present self-powered sensor and switch solutions that further drive the use of maintenance-free wireless controls in smart lighting systems and digitized buildings. Highlight of the show will be EnOcean’s extensive Easyfit product portfolio based on the company’s sustainable energy harvesting technology.

At booth #1877, visitors to Lightfair can experience EnOcean’s Easyfit portfolio, which covers a full range of self-powered sensors and switches based on the EnOcean standard at 902 MHz (ISO/IEC 14543-3-11), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Zigbee as well as LED fixture controllers and the Navigan remote commissioning software for lighting control.

Easyfit wireless control solutions can be easily added to existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting. It is, for example, used in schools around the U.S. to create smart lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption and create a more productive and positive environment at fastest payback periods and lowest maintenance costs.

Self-Powered Sensors for the IoT

EnOcean’s self-powered sensors can be used in many different ways for typical building automation tasks and IoT applications. They monitor, for example, temperature, humidity, and moisture or send status messages from doors and windows. They can also supply information on the current internal energy level as well as details about the light available to the solar cell. In typical lighting situations, the sensors obtain all the energy they need from the integrated solar cell and remain active for up to four days even without a new supply of power, thanks to an internal energy storage.

Battery-Free, Wireless, & Interoperable

EnOcean uses the energy harvesting principle to power wireless switches and sensors. As a result, they are self-powered, wireless, battery-, and maintenance-free and can be placed flexibly as well as adjusted or expanded at any time. Depending on the application, the products use the EnOcean (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X), BLE or Zigbee international standard for wireless communication. The EnOcean energy harvesting wireless technology is already proven in around 1,000,000 buildings worldwide, from factories to offices and multi-occupancy buildings as well as smart homes.