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The Economics of Clean, Green—The Loden Hotel Experience with TANCS® Steam Vapor


“Loden” may refer to green, high quality, sheep’s wool clothing that originated in the Austrian Alps in the 16th century, or to the Vancouver, B.C.-based Loden hotel that metaphorically lives up to the “Loden” name. The 15-story luxury hotel features fine wool carpet in its 77 upscale rooms and suites—plus corridors. To help ensure a green, healthy environment for guests and their pets, a MondoVap with TANCS dry steam vapor sanitation system is used daily. The reduced-chemical, low-moisture cleaning system, which ensures “in-sourced” carpet and drapery cleaning, results in rapid room turns, lowers operating costs while providing superior results, and optimizes the guest experience.

A local tourism brochure states: “The Coal Harbour-area [Loden] hotel provides a remarkable setting both indoors and out”—exemplified by The Loden’s fine wood lobby floors, marble-floored bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling operable windows that open to allow for fresh air circulation, yoga accessories, a dedicated yoga channel, fitness studio, spa, sauna and much more.”

The hotel’s housekeeping staff—the housekeepers are called “Room Experience Specialists”—has significant experience. Nada Vintar, long-time Executive Housekeeper at the Loden, gained previous experience at Fairmont Hotels and has an economics-related degree in tourism from the University of Ljubljana—among the largest universities in Europe and among the top 3 percent of the world’s best universities.

Leaves ‘Clean, Fresh, Non-fragranced Smell’

“We have also enhanced the guest experience using the MondoVap as a cleaning and sanitizing tool because is it quick and chemical-free, and leaves a clean, fresh, non-fragranced smell,” noted Nada Vintar. “Once Curtis Bryce of Innovative Cleaning Solutions shared it with us several years ago, we adopted it fully as a daily tool for in-place wool carpet and fine drapery cleaning, and hard floor and above-floor care; as it enables restoring pet-soiled rooms quickly for same-day turnaround so guests are not kept waiting and rooms are kept in ready inventory.”

Hot water extraction proved untenable at The Loden due to the long drying times required, pet-driven sanitation needs, odor control and rapid room-turns sought for both a positive guest experience and revenue optimization.

“We never wet extract,” Vintar said. “We are several years into this, and our carpet and drapes look new.” The MondoVap sanitizes, also works well on marble floors and shower walls, and even kills mold spores.

The Loden uses Windsor Sensor upright vacuums, a low-moisture Duplex cleaning and pile-lifting machine, and the MondoVap daily to maintain all areas of the hotel.

Vintar estimates annual savings are “significant” because few chemicals are needed. “You do not need to call in a contractor for fine carpet, drapery and hard or resilient floor care, and daily steam-cleaned rooms are ready for healthful occupancy within 15 minutes of cleaning,” Vintar added.

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About The Loden

The Loden hotel is located in Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver, B.C., and is surrounded by the area’s scenic mountains. It is located near museums, galleries, restaurants and shopping. It exudes a contemporary, boutique design fused with unrelenting customer care and service. Guestrooms and suites are custom-designed and feature:

•    Floor-to-ceiling windows for fresh air and a great view;
•    Custom beds outfitted with down comforters and copious pillows;
•    Marble bathrooms and deep-soaker tubs, separate showers, and European-style sinks and fixtures;
•    Large flat-screen televisions, ceiling speakers, and fully-stocked private bars; and
•    The Loden also offers a full service business center, meeting space, and savvy support staff.

For more information about the MondoVap with TANCS dry steam vapor sanitation system, contact:

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