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EarthTronics Adds New T8 and T5 LED Linear Tubes


earthtronicsnewlowMUSKEGON, MICH.EarthTronics introduces its new energy efficient, smooth dimming 2200 lumen, 15-watt T8 LED linear tube that delivers 146 lumen per watt and its 25-watt, 3200 lumen T5 that easily replaces 54 watt T5HO fluorescent lamps providing 128 lumens per watt. These LEDs feature glass tube construction to ensure proper cooling to support high lumen maintenance for a 50,000 hour rated life combined with over 50 percent energy savings to offer a quick return on investment.

The energy efficient T8 and T5 Type A LEDs from EarthTronics are Design Light Consortium (DLC) listed and UL rated for Type A “plug & play” on electronic fluorescent ballast. The new T8 LED is engineered to work with dimming systems popular in meeting and conference rooms, as well as in energy saving daylight harvesting applications. This T8 Type A direct install LED linear tube is compatible with instant start, program rapid start and emergency back-up electronic ballast systems.

“Our low watt, high output technology enables the opportunity to cost-efficiently change out nearly all T8 fluorescent lamps within a facility and all T5 lamps popular in high bay fixtures found in warehouses and manufacturing facilities,” said Tripp Smith, Vice President of Sales at EarthTronics. “EarthTronics T8s are now compatible with program start and emergency ballasts; installers can change every lamp when retrofitting a property without the services of an electrician or outside labor. Simply change the lamp to start saving energy without reducing lumens.”

Ideal for replacing T8 fluorescent tubes in office, retail, hospitality, restaurant and long-term care locations, the new T8 Type A LED product lines include a new 24-inch, 36-inch, U-bend and long PL lamps. They are available in four color choices: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. All feature excellent color rendering of greater than 80.  Even illumination is provided by the nearly 300° beam spread. The new T5 is a one for one replacement to the popular 54 watt T5HO fluorescent lamp used in high bay fixtures. These lamps may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets. For more information about the T8 and T5 LED linear product lines from EarthTronics, visit www.earthtronics.com.