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DoubleTree Hotel Uses Skywalk Energy Management Software to Cut Costs


Background: The 270-room DoubleTree by Hilton Bethesda—Washington DC hotel selected SOL VISTA to perform an energy audit in 2011 to gain a big-picture perspective of the property’s performance.

Several years later in 2016, the Bethesda, Maryland hotel was acquired by real estate firm The Bernstein Companies (TBC). Within a year of acquisition, the new owner put $1.4 million into infrastructure enhancements and efficiency projects that significantly lowered the hotel’s operating costs and improved the building’s sustainability.

Using Skywalk Data

TBC hotels are known for their sustainable business practices, including investments in their properties to reduce costs and utility use.

The company used data from SOL VISTA’s Skywalk platform and energy audit to get an idea of the building’s historic performance—and to start planning what upgrades would make the most difference.

After successful efficiency efforts were put into place, Skywalk then helped track savings, maintain ongoing performance, comply with local benchmarking laws, and procure cheaper gas pricing.

How has Skywalk Helped?

  1. New & Cheaper Gas Bill

The DoubleTree by Hilton Bethesda—Washington, D.C. secured a new two-year contract through SOL VISTA that reduced its gas bill by $9k/yr, after Skywalk flagged an expiring gas contract and negotiated a lower rate.

  1. Benchmarking Compliance

The hotel’s annual benchmarking compliance submissions to Montgomery County are automated, reducing the margin for error and saving the property time and effort. SOL VISTA also handles professional data verification, as required by Montgomery County law.

  1. Ongoing Performance Monitoring

As efficiency projects are put into place, Skywalk monitors performance, verifies savings, and alerts staff of any potential issues to ensure performance stays on track.

  1. Savings Via Demand Response

Skywalk tracks electricity demand levels to help maximize incentives from a voluntary demand-response program so the hotel can reduce use during peak demand periods.

  1. Plan for Future Savings

TBC is currently planning a water pump upgrade for the hotel to more efficiently manage hot and cold water. Additionally, TBC is planning to transition all lighting to LED. They will continue to leverage Skywalk for its efficiency investment decisions, performance verification, and annual utility budgeting.

Skywalk, SOL VISTA’s proprietary SaaS platform, empowers commercial building and portfolio owners, managers, and engineers to improve the performance and profitability of their buildings.

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