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Deutsche Hospitality Joins ITP to Collaborate for Sustainable Growth


LONDON—International hotel group Deutsche Hospitality is bringing its highly regarded responsible business credentials to collaborate on sustainability with 12 leading hotel groups as it joins the International Tourism Partnership (ITP).

The Germany-based group has a history dating nearly 90 years and includes Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, IntercityHotel and Jaz in the City. The company has a long commitment to environmental and social responsibility and is pleased to join the world’s leading hotel groups to work together at ITP’s table to tackle the most critical issues affecting sustainable growth.

Announcing their membership in ITP, Thomas Willms, COO of Steigenberger Hotels AG said: “Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We are looking forward to creating a united front which will enable us to reach our own objectives as well as making an important contribution together with the whole of the hotel sector.”

Welcoming Deutsche Hospitality representatives to ITP’s Board and Executive Committee, ITP Director Fran Hughes said: “We’re delighted to welcome such a highly respected company as Deutsche Hospitality to our membership to work with us in creating a fairer future for all.

History of Excellence in Sustainability Initiatives

“In 2017 we launched ITP’s Goals for 2030, which is our commitment to tackle the hotel industry’s most critical sustainability issues: carbon, water, human rights and youth employment. Our members collaborate, knowing they can get further and faster working together for the Global Goals than they can working alone. Deutsche Hospitality has an established history of excellence in its sustainability initiatives. As members of ITP they can share their expertise, learn from their peers and lead as responsible hospitality businesses.”

ITP has a 25-year history of convening the world’s leading hotel groups to work together to produce practical tools and resources which help hotels all around the world improve their sustainable operations. More than 25,000 hotels use HCMI—the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative—to measure and record their carbon footprint in the same, consistent manner. Its success led to the development of HWMI—the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative—a similar tool and metric which enables hotels of any size, anywhere in the world to measure their water footprint per room, stay or meeting.

The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is the organization’s award-winning solution to global youth unemployment, uniting hotels with local nonprofit partners to provide skills and employability training to disadvantaged young people in 18 countries around the world. In addition, ITP has firmly set human rights on the agendas of its members, raising awareness of their responsibility to act on this critical issue.