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Cig-Arrete Flame Detector Helps Eradicate Smoking in Hotels


HAMILTON, OHIO—Radal Technology Limited, a U.K.-based global market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of risk management products, introduces the Cig-Arrête system, a unique and innovative product to help eradicate tobacco and drug smoke in hotels.

The Cig-Arrête Flame Detector with Voice Messaging detects the naked flame from a match or lighter from 20 feet away within one second of being lit. The system then issues a voice message, alerting the smoker to the no smoking area. It then asks the smoker to extinguish the cigarette.

Battery operated and easy to install, hidden and enclosed areas such as guestrooms, washrooms, and offices can be covered by the highly sensitive products. In addition, the products are suitable for areas subject to high winds and rapid ventilation such as building entry and exit points that are notoriously difficult to monitor.

Since its inception in 1997, the Cig-Arrête has enabled thousands of hotels, private businesses, schools and hospitals to become smoke free. However, its success is not only due to its technological capabilities, as managing director Brent Dunleavey explains.

“Cig-Arrête is effective as it is non-confrontational,” he says. “It is a proactive tool that enables human intervention and therefore possible friction to be removed from an illicit smoking situation. The pre-recorded voice message alerts the smoker to the fact that they have been caught and politely asks them to extinguish the cigarette.”

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