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ALLIED Hospitality Launches Chemical-Free, Antimicrobial Bedding


MONTEBELLO, CALIF.—In keeping with its commitment to safety, performance and sustainability, ALLIED Hospitality—the hospitality bedding division of ALLIED Feather + Down, a family-owned global manufacturer of luxury bedding products—is announcing a new partnership with FUZE technology, available in 2021 to all hospitality bedding partners.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the hospitality industry as a whole, there will come a time in the near future when business and leisure travel resumes. And like never before, the needs of the post-pandemic traveler will place an emphasis on cleanliness and safety, as hotel bedding can almost literally become a matter of life or death.

Now, Fuze treated antimicrobial bedding products are available to all ALLIED hospitality partners, permanently elevating the travel experience.

“When traveling starts to become a part of everyday life again, the post-COVID-19 traveler is going to want assurances the bedding they are sleeping on is free from microbes, bacteria and viruses,” says Steve Uretsky, CEO of ALLIED Feather + Down. “Safety and cleanliness will be more important than ever for any bedding product. Working with FUZE allows us to offer our hospitality partners safe bedding that is also extremely durable while being safe for the environment as well.”

Utilizes Non-Ionic Silver Nanoparticles

Fuze Biotech is unlike other treatments, utilizing non-ionic silver nanoparticles that bond permanently to materials without the need for added chemicals, and are incredibly stable with efficacy for bacterial and microbial resistance. The silver particles sit in place and kill on contact microbes that hover over the textile looking for “food.” Current biocidal treatments tend to use ionic silver with a shotgun approach. The particles jump from the fabrics seeking out microbes to kill—both bad and good, which necessitates health and human contact warnings in their SDS. The Fuze technology, again, due to the ionic nature of the particles, is stable and permanent, making it completely safe and non-harmful. The Fuze treatment also helps products dry faster, reducing energy costs and making care easier.

“During the pandemic, Fuze was able to expedite FDA approval for use on medical devices showcasing just how effective—and safe—our product is,” said Andrew Peterson, CTO of Fuze Biotech. “Working with ALLIED Hospitality to bring this level of cleanliness and safety to their hotel partners we feel will be a critical element of the new post-COVID-19 hospitality industry. And the permanence we are able to achieve with the gold bonds has shown that the fabrics will break down long before the FUZE treatment loses efficacy providing potentially years of the required level of cleanliness that is certain to become a new industry requirement.”

“While cleanliness is an obvious priority for the post-COVID traveler,” continued Uretsky, “we firmly believe that it should not be at the expense of long-term sustainability for the planet.”